Sunday, May 24, 2009

OBO- Taking on the sporting industry

OBO is a Palmerston North based company that makes world class Hockey Goalie gear. OBO saw a gap in the market and created revolutionary new lightweight products that gave goalies flexibility and agility they had never had before. The range is also available in a wide number of styles and colours. The Hockey world has spoken and OBO now have 60% of the market. 80% of Olympic hockey goal keepers wear OBO gear.
Simon Barnett, the entrepreneur of OBO, took some time out of his busy day to share his thoughts on Palmerston North with us...

Simon agrees that Palmerston North is a great place to live, and to bring up children; "It [Palmerston North] has been very kind to myself and my family". Simon stated that; there are many good things about Palmerston North- the people, the ease of accessibility, the parks, sports grounds, and business opportunities. He also believes that Palmerston North needs more self belief, and needs to appreciate all that Palmerston North has to offer its residents. He is of the opinion that Palmerston North is a great place to start a business, as there are committed people, plenty of resources, and great accessibility.

OBO is a prime example of a Palmerston North business succeeding in the cutthroat arena of international sporting apparel.

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