Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dom Harvey

Dom Harvey is a well-known radio personality in New Zealand. Much of the nation wakes up to his show, 'The Morning Madhouse' on The Edge 93.0FM.
Dom Harvey is proud to call himself a "Palmerstonian" and he finds himself "defending it at least once a week to people who screw their nose up at the mention of Palmy."

To begin his radio career he worked at local radio station 92.2 as Mike West and Baldrick (Dom), they worked together for 11 years. Dom says that "some of his best friends and fondest memories come from Palmy." At the moment Dom only visits for short periods, and he mainly spends the time in town to visit friends and when in town he will go to his favourite cafes including Stage Door and Cafe Cuba.

Community spirit is high in Palmerston North also. "As for the people, well the locals were great and with the uni there was a nice regular turn over of fresh faces in the city." Dom thinks the city has a lot to offer residents, with Massey University and UCOL bringing an influx of youth to Palmerston North.To create more pride in Palmerston North Dom believes that there needs to be a prominent tourist attraction, a reason for people to visit "something like a luge could possibly work" as we have many hills and ranges around the city. When asked if he would ever move back to Palmerston North he described how his work at the moment was very important to him so he'll go where ever work takes him; "...if that's Palmerston North that'd be awesome."

Often on air in the mornings we can hear Dom promote his home city or discuss his relationship with the city which is usually positive. He also likes how the square now looks and he recently walked through it on a friday night and was extremely happy, stating; "nobody beat me up or stole my shoes".

Dom will always have a soft spot for Palmerston North as this is where he grew up and started his successful broadcasting career.

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  1. Mike West and Baldric. The best DJ pairing that ever was!!