Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CentrePoint Theatre

For all of you who don't know yet Palmerston North is the home to the only professional theatre in New Zealand that is situated outside the four main centres! CentrePoint Theatre has everything from comedy, drama, Shakespeare and other creative new plays written by exciting emerging talents from around New Zealand. We caught up with Alaina Moore from CentrePoint who was excited to tell us all about their new show 'The Raft', "Our cast for our upcoming show The Raft is pretty amazing, and we are very proud that they have come here to Palmerston North to be in our show. We have at the Theatre Owen Black who starred as Ethan pierce on Shortland Street (and has actually just came back on Shorty as a ghost!), Laura Hill who played Tony Warner, Catherine Wilkin who is an amazing actress with lots of experience, more recently as Liz Ryan on McLeods Daughters, and John Watson, another very experienced actor!".

Sounds amazing right?! Whats more amazing is that CentrePoint has been hosting quality theatre right here in Palmerston North for 35 years! And with the communities support they will be doing it for another 35 years and continue to keep the cultural vibrancy in Palmerston North alive!

For any more information on the CentrePoint Theatre their website, http://centrepoint.co.nz is great and easy to find what your looking for! You will recognise a few more faces on the website as well!

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